Introduction Page

Hi, and wecome to, the chiropractic profession’s single best source for Medicare information.  This introduction page will give you quick access to some of the more in-demand areas of the website.

On Demand Webinars

The first area that continues to increase in popularity is the On Demand Webinar section.  This section contains several webinars that teach specific areas of Medicare rules and regulations and how to practically apply them in your practice.  These webinars range between 24 minutes to over an hour, have printable notes accompanying them, and cost $34.95 apiece.  The nice thing about these webinars is that once you receive the login password you can review them as many times as you like without additional charge.  This saves you considerable time and expense in traveling to live seminars.  View a sample webinar here.

Office Compliance Program

The next area of great interest is the Compliance Audit and Compliance Program Development section.  The Office Compliance Program is now mandatory as a condition of enrollment in Medicare.  This section Expalins what it takes to develop an Office Compliance Program and links to a free webinar on the Compliance Program.

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You will also want to take the opportunity to join my mailing list.  I send regular updates on developments in Medicare as they relate to chiropractic.  I also send alerts when something happens that you should know about immediately.  You can only make good decisions when you have as much information as possible.  I do the best that I can to supply you with that information.

About Dr. Short

If you want to learn more about me you can go to my personal information page.  This page also links to a current copy of my curriculum vitae.