On Demand Webinars

Get the Medicare training that you need when you need it.  Most of these webinars are less than an hour long and will serve as excellent training for staff meetings and new employees.  Now you can save travel, food and lodging expenses and still receive the latest Medicare information from one of the top chiropractic Medicare experts in the country.

The ABN (UPDATED)  In 2011 Medicare released a new ABN.  This ABN came with new regulations.  These regulations were recently added to the Medicare manuals.  This webinar contains the new information and explains how, when, and why to use the Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN).  It is about 57 minutes long.

Appeals Procedures  This webinar covers the Medicare Appeals Process and how to successfully navigate through it.  It ia about 37 minutes long.

Coding and Billing  This webinar explains how to properly code and bill a Medicare procedure.  It includes detailed, line-by-line instructions for completing the CMS 1500 Form.  It is about one hour and three minutes long.

Medicare Diagnosis  The Diagnosis Webinar explains which diagnosis codes to use, where to find the correct diagnosis codes, how to use them, and what their usage means to you.  This webinar is about 30 minutes long.

Medicare Documentation   This webinar covers Medicare’s documentation requirements and how to meet them for both the initial and daily visits.  It is about 40 minutes  long.

Medicare Enrollment   This webinar will take you through the steps of enrolling in Medicare and give you some precautions that you should take.  The webinar is about 50 minutes long.

Medicare Reviews  The Reviews Webinar explains who can conduct reviews and audits and why they conduct them.  It also explains how to respond to a request for records.  This webinar is about 40 minutes long.

PQRS 2015  This webinar explains the changes in the PQRS measures that chiropractors can report.  It explains how to properly report these measures to avoid a Medicare payment cut in 2017.  This year you will need to report all three measures on at least 50% of your Medicare Part B patients to avoid the pay cut.  You need to start reporting PQRS measures as soon as possible.  This webinar is about 40 minutes long.

Proving Medical Necessity  This webinar will show you how to prove functional improvement, medical necessity, and maximum medical improvement in compliance with Medicare’s standards.  It is about 24 minutes long.

Treatment Plans  This webinar demonstrates how to develop a treatment plan that covers all Medicare required elements.  It is about 28 minutes long.

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