Medicare Three-Chart Review

Starting in 2017 Medicare will require chiropractors with high error rates to pre-certify their care plans.  Leading up to that time, Medicare will be watching chiropractors to determine who is not properly billing for services or properly documenting the services that they bill.  Now is the time to make sure that your Medicare documentation and billing are in order and comply with the Medicare regulations.

The Medicare Three-Chart Review will thoroughly cover the billing and documentation of three of your Medicare patients and will include a written report of deficiencies and recommended corrections.  This includes:

  • Documentation that meets the required criteria in the Medicare regulations
  • Proper use of CPT and ICD codes and modifiers in billing
  • Proper use of Medicare forms (such as the ABN)
  • Proper treatment plan development
  • And many more details

Have your Medicare records reviewed by someone working for you so you have time to correct your procedures before someone working against you reviews them.

The Medicare Three-Chart Review is $300.  Once you purchase this service, you will receive an e-mail explaining what records are needed and how to organize them and send them in for review.