Medicare Coding and Billing Manual

Does billing Medicare have you constantly on edge worried that you might do something wrong.  You can relax now.  The Medicare Coding and Billing book covers coding Medicare claims using the correct CPT® code, how to determine the correct diagnosis code with ICD-10-CM coding rules, how to properly complete the CMS-1500 form (or its electronic equivalent), and so much more.  The Medicare Coding and Billing book will show you:

  • CPT® coding
  • Proper modifier use
  • How to determine the correct Evaluation and Management code
  • Diagnosis coding rules
  • How to correctly complete the CMS-1500 Form
  • The language from the back of the CMS-1500 Form that could cause you trouble
  • How to read Medicare Remittance Advices and Medicare Summary Notices

This book will help you to be a better coder and biller for Medicare claims and other third party claims.

The Medicare Coding and Billing Book includes:

  • The manual explaining the topics listed above and more
  • A CD with all of the resources cited in the manual
  • CDs with recorded webinars including;
    • Medicare Diagnosis Webinar
    • Medicare Billing Webinar
    • Procedure Coding Webinar
    • Evaluation and Management coding Webinar
    • Evaluation and Management auditing Webinar

Or you can buy both books and save by following this link: