Medicare Documentation System Additional Information

Are you frustrated by Medicare?  Are you worried that your documentation won’t stand up to Medicare standards?  Have you ever said to yourself “I just wish that someone would tell me what Medicare wants”?

Your answer is here.  The new Medicare Documentation System has been designed around Medicare regulations to ensure that you collect all required information and report it properly to Medicare.  Using the Medicare Documentation System you will be able to:

  • Collect the information that Medicare requires from the patient using patient friendly forms.
  • Accurately utilize this information in the medical decision making process.
  • Develop accurate treatment plans.
  • Prove medical necessity through functional improvement.
  • Objectively prove when the patient reaches maximum medical improvement.
  • Report this information to Medicare reviewers in terms and language that they understand

This system uses forms to capture the required information from both the patients and the doctor.  The use of forms allows this system to integrate with any EHR that allows customization.  The staff can enter the information into the EHR thereby maximizing the doctors effective time.

The Medicare Documentation System includes:

  • A manual explaining in detail how to utilize the system
  • A CD with all of the forms
  • 2 CDs containing 6 recorded webinars. The webinar topics include:
    • Assessment Visit documentation
    • Treatment Visit documentation
    • Treatment Plans
    • The ABN
    • Medicare Documentation
    • Proving Medical Necessity and Functional Improvement

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