The ABN Webinar

In 2017 Medicare released a new ABN.  This ABN came with new regulations.  These regulations were recently added to the Medicare manuals.  This webinar contains the new information and explains how, when, and why to use the Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN).  It is about 52 minutes long and is the most comprehensive webinar on the ABN.  Webinar notes are available to be printed for those participating.

The Comprehensive ABN webinar includes:

  • When to use the ABN
  • ABN delivery requirements
  • Electronic delivery of the ABN
  • ABN retention requirements
  • Line by line instructions on how to complete the ABN
  • The definition of “routine use” and how to avoid it
  • The definition of a “Defective Notice” and how to avoid it
  • What to charge patients after they sign the ABN
  • What special thing Non-Par doctors need to do to the ABN

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The ABN Webinar
The ABN Webinar
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