The PQRS 2015 Webinar

Not reporting the measures for the 2015 Physician Quality Reporting System will result in a 2% pay cut in your 2017 Medicare payments.  The requirements for avoiding the payment adjustment or pay cut in 2017 have changed.  This year, you need to satisfactorily report both measures on at least 50% of your Medicare Part B patients.  You need to get started today reporting PQRS measures.  This webinar will show you how.

This webinar will teach you how to properly report the PQRS measures that are available to chiropractors.

The PQRS Webinar includes:

  • Which measures were retired this year.
  • What new measures are available this year.
  • What new G-Codes are in this year’s measures.
  • How to report the G-Codes on the CMS 1500 form.
  • What examination tools to use to comply with the PQRS measure requirements.

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PQRS 2015 Webinar
PQRS 2015 Webinar
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